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Welcome to Walton PR - the home of Clear

Headed Communications


We are currently going through a re-brand and the company name has changed to Clear Headed Communications.  Rather than take down the website, we thought we should share our new messages until the re-brand is complete.

We don’t do run of the mill PR, we do Clear Headed Communications.

That means we work as a seamless part of our client’s team, applying our  extensive experience of today’s communications arena in social, digital and conventional media, helping them to develop a realistic and achievable strategy and sharing ownership of agreed goals. 

Clear Headed Communications is a demanding discipline but we will show you the way to reach your target audiences and achieve your objectives. All we need from you is your openness, honesty and commitment to work closely with us to create great results. 

Thorough in our planning and rigorous in our pursuit of positive outcomes, our team are practical, down to earth and hands on.  We will make a point of getting to know you and your business inside out.

Clear Headed Communications win results! 



We are providing Social Media support to the Celtic 7 Marathon Challenge - seven marathons being run by Stephane Delourme and Peter McGahan in aid of three fantastic children's charities.  From May to October they will be running in Ireland, Brittany, Wales, Isle of Man, Galicia, Scotland and Cornwall.  To find out more please click here.


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