Working from home is a great way to earn a living while saving on transport costs and to save time. Instead of sitting in traffic for an hour every morning, you can get an extra hour of sleep or even an extra hour of work done. The first thing you’ll need before you can become a transcriptionist from home is the proper equipment. Once you have digital transcription equipment, you can start looking for clients. A good way to get full time work as a transcriptionist is to apply to transcribe court cases. You’ll have to go for a few weeks of training in most cases, but once you have the qualification you’ll have constant work transcribing court cases. Lawyers often need the transcription of a case by the next day already, so your work will be constant and plenty.

You could also go the freelancing route and transcribe a variety of different audio for your clients. When you’re freelancing, work isn’t going to be so secure at the beginning, but once you have a few clients that you are doing regular work for, your salary every month will remain constant and you won’t have to worry about not being able to pay rent at the end of the month. It’s definitely important to have several clients since having a single client that you rely on for work is risky. If that client doesn’t have any work for you to do or they decide not to use your services anymore, you’re left without any income. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket as a freelancer, make sure you have at least three clients for regular work in order to make sure you can always cover your expenses.